TJ Clifton

Recently I have been writing a lot of code which makes use of custom Unity GUIs and I have been irritated by a particular scenario which seemed to crop up for me continuously. The problem is this: when you want to modify a colour for a particular control before returning to the previous control, you […]

Last week I received a replacement for my Surface Pro 3 (the touch screen had started to malfunction). This week has thus been mainly spent setting up my new system with all the software, tools and projects that I had on my old SP3. As it is a brand new machine and as Windows 10 has […]

Over the last few months I have been working on a project in my spare time that I am now ready to start talking about. This project is a suite of AI tools for use with the Unity game engine that is designed to be a complete solution for all AI requirements in Unity. The […]

Over the years I have managed to accrue, as I am sure many other game devs have, a wide variety of miscellaneous command line tools to help perform a number of niche operations. I have been wanting to pull these disparate tools together into one utility library that I can run from one console application […]

A colleague approached me today with a question that I did not immediately have an answer for. He has been busy doing some profiling on a project at the studio and was looking at the memory usage for a particular scene. He wanted to know whether having a GameObject with a Component that references a prefab […]

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released technology previews of the new developer tools needed to build apps for Windows 10. To make use of these tools you will need to be running the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview (and thus also be a member of the Windows Insider Program) as well […]

I have been a bit remiss in the last year about maintaining this blog. Recently I chose not to renew my paid web hosting, which led to a short downtime for the site. I’m back up and running now though, with a decent free hosting solution (I am planning on hosting my own website soon […]